Enabling Data-Driven Decisions & Integrated Life Cycle Management

Asset Management Services

Asset Management Services

We bring together our proprietary monitoring service and our world class maintenance services to ensure maximum uptime with minimum hassle.
Core services provided by our team of experts

  • Predictive analytics
  • Trending & corrective action reports
  • Aging analysis
  • Data correlation reports for handheld testing
  • Asset management
  • Equipment audit repository
  • Equipment activity history
  • Critical power performance reports
  • Critical system reports

CPG Insight Center

Our secure Insight Center ensures on-demand access to the most recent reports and recommendations, allowing you to effectively plan corrective maintenance visits, budget for string replacements and eliminate most capital expenditure surprises.

CPG Insight for Batteries

By combining state of the art prognostics tools, software systems and machine learning, we analyze, track, and even predict what is going to happen and when, enhancing your operations and delivering insights that allow you to plan pre-emptive maintenance and prioritize battery replacement.

Battery Monitoring and Maintenance

And, as always CPG provides ongoing battery service and maintenance to ensure smooth operations