Jim Marsh

Management Team
Vice President, Business Development

An expert in the mechanical field, Jim was tapped by CPG in 2015 to stand up the mechanical division around indirect economization in the data center, with other complimentary applied technologies. Jim's extensive knowledge and strong relationships allow him to create innovative solutions for clients in computer room air conditioning, in-row cooling, containment, free cooling chillers, rack based / direct to chip heat exchange, pressure/humidity control, and data center monitoring. During his tenure, CPG has moved the needle on data center environment design and deployment, a continuation of Jim’s evangelization for profound energy/water usage efficiency and reliability gains in the mission critical space over two decades.

With an easy going nature and a wide breadth and depth of knowledge across data center infrastructure, Jim’s role has expanded to Business Development, encompassing client management and industry engagement. Prior to joining CPG, Jim served the data center community in applications and product management with Stulz and Lee Technologies.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-marsh-13b08019/