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Insight for Batteries

Insight for Batteries

CPG’s predictive analytics and monitoring service enables greater visibility and early-warning to potential threats in your facility and provides more accurate, preventative actions to increase reliability and maximize asset productivity.

Our team of battery experts review all exceptional data and make the necessary balance of IEEE standard, judgement call and recommendations as part of our predictive analysis. We embed this commentary in the reporting via our online monitoring portal, the CPG Insight Center.

An unmatched 20 year history with an impeccable uptime track record is proof that our approach of providing advanced notification of battery or UPS issues is key to mitigating the risk of load-loss.

Key Advantages

  • Mitigate the risk of downtime
  • Extend battery life by up to 35%
  • Support warranty claims based on unit lifecycle data
  • Avoid thermal runaway
  • Reduce maintenance costs up to 75%
  • Gain consistent system visibility
  • Avoid unexpected UPS load loss

Hardware Independent

Our hardware independent service interfaces with most battery monitoring systems and we adapt our data collection to the capabilities of the individual BMS, supporting all major brands.

Hardware Agnostic Monitoring Service

  • Easy integration with third-party hardware
  • Synchronize data from multiple systems and locations
  • Generate consistent consolidated reports regardless of monitoring hardware