CPG Equipment Sourcing

CPG’s expert team and deep industry relationships ensure we can equip our customers’ data centers with infrastructure solutions built to scale.

Infrastructure is critical to an effective, efficient, scalable data center. With strong relationships with industry leading providers, CPG secures the equipment needed to meet customers’ unique design requirements.

Features & Capabilities

CPG maintains tight relationships with numerous equipment manufacturers and distributors to enable procurement of the optimal mix of equipment in terms of both time and budget.

Partnerships and Engineering:

  • Leading Advanced Solutions Provider (ASP) for Schneider Electric
  • Variety of other partnerships enabling sourcing of electrical, mechanical, and other critical equipment
  • Multiple sourcing agreements
  • CPG engineers help evaluate equipment alternatives and interoperability to ensure integrated equipment solutions

Critical Power Solutions:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS): Single-phase and three-phase, 400VA to 1600kVA, standby, line-interactive, online-double conversion, ferroresonant
  • Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS): Three-phase up to 40MW alternatives to static UPS systems
  • Power Distribution Units (PDU): Customizable in-rack and stand-alone PDU’s from 1kVA to 750kVA
  • Busway alternatives to the traditional power distribution scheme from 100A to 4000A
  • DCIM software measuring data center energy and utility consumption
  • Battery monitoring wired or wireless monitoring and reporting of battery health
  • Switchgear low-medium voltage, paralleling, and retrofits
  • Static switches supplying the critical load with two available power sources
  • In-Rack Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) redundancy and availability to single corded devices
  • Fiber Management Systems Solutions to support data center and FTTH deployments

Mechanical Cooling Solutions:

  • Active (sensible heat rejection wheel) indirect air-side economization
  • Perimeter and in-row Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC/H)
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) & Micro Data Center
  • Active (fan powered, PLC Control) rack mount chilled water HX
  • Room or duct mounted ultrasonic humidification systems
  • Hot/Cold aisle containment and intelligent airflow management
  • Liquid leak detection and airflow, temp/humidity monitoring
  • Waterless and wet indirect air-side economization via HX and thermosiphon
  • Mission critical free cooling and adiabatic chillers


By leveraging our decades-long relationships, we can source virtually any equipment our customers might need to make their data centers more efficient, reliable and scalable.


CPG’s relationships can help reduce costs and improve customer service outcomes in the event of a challenge or issue.


CPG’s expertise helps ensure interoperability and adherence to design requirements to ensure infrastructure operates as intended given load, environmental, and other site circumstances.

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