CPG Electrical Services

CPG’s in-house electrical services teams support holistic installation
and maintenance needs, ensuring that critical power resources are installed
and operated efficiently and effectively.

CPG brings decades of technical expertise and on-site experience to support installation and maintenance of core infrastructure equipment, including in-house electrical services support.

Features & Capabilities

CPG installation and testing services ensure that power is being delivered as intended and without interruption. Proper installation and implementation ensures redundancy is available when needed and critical power resources are deployed efficiently and effectively. Most importantly, proper installation, verification and testing ensures that electrical infrastructure fosters safe operation of the facility and the continuous delivery and reliability of critical power.

Electrical Installations:

  • Electrical project management
  • Electrical support for QA & commissioning
  • Electrical & controls installation
  • Electrical LV circuit installations
  • Under floor whips
  • LV disconnect installations
  • Panelboard installations
  • Power meter Installations

Electrical Testing & Repairs:

  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Electrical & controls services and repairs
  • AF/SCCS data collection and implementation
  • Power distribution equipment testing to NETA standards
  • LV switchboard testing
  • Bus duct and busway testing
  • Basic transformer testing
  • LVCB & MVCB testing
  • Circuit tracing and ground fault evaluation
  • Product upgrades, troubleshooting & repairs


Whether leveraging in-house electrical resources or coordinating specialized partner support, CPG provides the electrical installation and maintenance services necessary to ensure reliable and predictable operation of your electrical infrastructure.

Electrical Installations

Knowing that electrical infrastructure is installed, tested and configured properly provides peace of mind that load will be supported as designed. From switching and distribution infrastructure to primary and redundant circuits, CPG can help ensure power is delivered to meet critical needs.

Electrical Testing & Repairs

Ensuring that electrical infrastructure is maintained properly and continues to operate as intended is a critical component of ensuring uptime and availability. CPG’s testing, maintenance and repair services help keep power infrastructure working efficiently and effectively.

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