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The premier end-to-end data center technology partner, offering design, construction and analytics-driven operations for conventional, hyperscale and edge data centers.

At CPG, we blueprint, build, commission, service, monitor and maintain complex data center environments, protecting and enabling business-critical data for Fortune 500 companies, enterprise cloud providers and colocation data centers.

Unparalleled Experience,
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CPG has more than 20 years experience helping some of the world’s largest and most prominent data center operators manage complexity and meet their goals. From new construction and managed services to technical services and systems installations, organizations trust CPG to protect the integrity and ensure the availability of their business-critical data and applications.

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Core Differentiators

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CPG draws on 20+ years experience and the unprecedented versatility of our team to provide scalable, efficient and safe solutions for our customers throughout the entire data center lifecycle.

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By leveraging decades-long relationships with leading OEM hardware and technology providers, our engineers, operators and technicians have the tools, knowledge, and expertise to tackle all varieties of infrastructure service.

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CPG helps hyperscalers, colocation providers, federal agencies and enterprises maximize data center availability and minimize operating costs with infrastructure builds, maintenance and service solutions.

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Monitoring and management systems help CPG deliver technology solutions that improve visibility and control to enable customers to reduce risk and increase operational efficiencies.

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CPG designs and implements data center facility builds faster and at a lower cost of installation than traditional builds and competitive offerings.

Our History


Bart Cotton founds Data Power Monitoring Corporation (DPMC), which would later become Intellibatt and then Canara


Capitol Power Group (CPG) is formed as a manufacturer’s representative, quickly cultivating a reputation for excellent service


DPMC secures equity investment from Columbia Capital to expand leadership in data center power monitoring, rebrands as Canara


Capital Power Group (CPG) adds Critical Infrastructure Solutions and Secure Monitoring and Controls Teams


CPG awarded first major data center implementation project – built modular data center in Mid-Atlantic


Merger, financed by Columbia Capital, combined Capitol Power Group and Canara to form today’s CPG, Tom Mertz named CEO

How We Work

Trends like digital transformation, the shift to the cloud, edge computing and remote work have taxed organizations to rapidly scale their data center operations. Over the past two decades, CPG has proven itself as a trusted partner to seamlessly manage these accelerated needs by offering our clients a single point of reference to efficiently solve their most challenging problems.







Assessments and Coordination – As an end-to-end data center services provider, we help organizations validate the integrity of design and engineering work, oversee the seamless integration of mechanical and electrical infrastructure, ensure that all implementation activities meet design specifications and certify that equipment is properly installed and configured.


Modular Builds and Fit Outs – CPG is the pioneer of the data center industry’s most efficient modular approach, designing and implementing facilities up to 70% faster and at a lower cost of installation than traditional builds and competitive offerings.


Hardware Solutions – CPG is unique in our ability to support customers at every stage of the data center lifecycle by leveraging decades-long relationships with leading OEM hardware providers offering infrastructure, products and solutions to get the job done.


Insights and Analytics – Our proprietary software combines monitoring and real-time analytics with machine learning to pinpoint mission critical visualizations and to enable the data-driven decisions & integrated life-cycle management necessary for operational control.


Service and Maintenance – Our team of experts stand ready to assist with challenges at any stage of the data center lifecycle, including ongoing services, operations and maintenance via Infrastructure-as-a-Service or Data Center-as-a-Service models.

Our Mission

Traditionally, data centers were centralized, high-cost environments that required a myriad of infrastructure and service providers. And they were also limited to the on-premise data contained within. But digital transformation, the proliferation of IoT/IIoT, the adoption of cloud-native infrastructure, the evolution of distributed IT and the realization of 5G has shifted traditional data centers to high-powered cloud-computing environments. This explosion of big data has further accelerated demand for powerful, scalable and robust computing located closer to the edge.

To meet this demand, CPG has emerged as North America’s premier end-to-end data center technology partner, offering design, construction and analytics-driven operations for conventional, hyperscale and edge data centers.

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Leadership Team

Today, CPG’s expertise extends far beyond simple construction or any one line of service. From our executive team to technical services professionals, we have the training, skills and expertise to tackle projects across every lifecycle stage and to match the pace that our customers now demand.

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