Year In Review: CPG’s Ongoing Commitment to Safety in 2021 and Beyond

By Adam Board, Senior Director of EHS

When I started with CPG in December 2020, I immediately saw that there were several areas to enhance safety performance within our company and I was thrilled to learn that our leadership team identified these areas, as well. Within a short one-year time frame, we strengthened our strategic roadmap by developing a management system, adding training programs, improving case management processes and, most importantly, prioritizing safety at all levels of the business.

We achieved the following safety milestones in 2021:

We take safety to the entire company by engaging in the following important aspects:

  • Executive Leadership Safety Commitment and Execution – CPG’s leadership team supports safety initiatives from the front – Whether they’re starting a meeting off with a safety moment, correcting an unsafe act or behavior on our job site or launching a new cross-company safety initiative, CPG’s executives remain committed to protecting our people and our customers.
  • Cultural Field Engagements – CPG’s managers and leadership team also spend time in the field to develop relationships with our front-line workers, engage them to ensure they are working safely, thanking them for their efforts, and recognizing when employees are acting safely and supporting the prioritization of safety over other demands of the job.
  • Craft Perception Surveys – At CPG, we strive to achieve continuous improvement. To better understand which safety initiatives are going well and what can be improved, CPG rolls out an annual safety perception survey to the entire company to highlight and strategize around year-over-year progress.
  • Safety Integration into Project Milestones – CPG’s overall safety strategy is to continue driving a culture of safety by showing that we care for our people, our customers and partners through the implementation of training programs and management leadership walks, while also recognizing and rewarding safe acts and behaviors.

By implementing these elements, each member of the CPG team can feel confident and supported enough to continue driving a culture of awareness and safety across the organization.

This is our commitment.

Every Person. Every Second. Every Day.

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