CPG Modular Data Center Solutions

Modular data center solutions are increasingly attractive options for cost-effective, flexible and timely data center builds. Container design has created an efficient and economical deployment methodology that is being utilized by hyperscale providers, corporations, governments, and educational institutions. CPG modular solutions include much more than just the hardware.

Leveraging both CPG’s market experience and modular design expertise, modular data center solutions offer flexible, timely, and cost effective solutions for data center capacity deployment and growth. Integrating design and engineering, deployment and installation, commissioning and testing allows CPG to deliver a complete solution fully customizable to meet customer requirements.

Features & Capabilities

Utilizing CPG’s engineering expertise, baseline designs can be customized to meet a wide variety of environmental, performance and application requirements. Whether the primary need is modular capacity for growth, enabling stranded capacity (space or power), or other specialized application support – CPG can design and deliver timely, cost-effective infrastructure solutions.

CPG Solutions Cover All Aspects of Capacity Delivery:

  • Design and engineering
  • Procurement
  • Fabrication
  • Delivery and implementation
  • Commissioning and start-up/hand off

Fully Customizable Configurations:

  • CPG will engage with design and engineering resources to ensure the solution meets requirements
  • Environmental conditions – elevation, geography, average temperatures
  • Cooling methodologies
  • Equipment preferences or other OEM requirements

Multiple Configurations:

  • Stand-alone white space (parasitic)
  • Critical power infrastructure modules
  • White space with critical power infrastructure
  • Integrated mechanical solutions
  • Full turnkey with integrated IT infrastructure

Multiple Use Cases:

  • Capacity expansion
  • Edge deployments
  • SCIF deployments
  • Stranded power/space recovery
  • Temporary capacity solutions


Fully customizable, cost-effective, and flexible solutions that can be delivered faster and at lower cost than traditional construction solutions. See how you can benefit.


Adaptable to meet requirements of specific use cases or deployments.


Because the modular solutions are designed, manufactured and tested before delivery, implementation complexities and uncertainties are mitigated and risks are reduced.

Cost Effective

Modular builds are typically more cost effective than traditional construction and offer the added benefit of being redeployable.


Designed to easily scale to meet new demand in time.

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