CPG Emergency Services

Emergencies don’t keep regular hours, so CPG’s Field Services team is staffed to support 24/7 emergency response to meet the most critical and time sensitive needs of our customers.

CPG Field Services dedicates select resources to service the on-call and emergency needs of customers. This allows us to rapidly deploy expert resources, determine necessary action steps, and marshal additional resources (people, equipment, materials) as needed to mitigate outage situations.

Features & Capabilities

CPG recognizes and understands that the data center business never stops – applications, power, cooling, and infrastructure all have to operate 100% of the time. Our emergency services help ensure that any disruptions or risks to that uptime availability are minimized and addressed as quickly as possible.

Emergency Services:

  • 24/7 emergency response
  • Troubleshooting and repair services
  • Component change out
  • Temperature alarms and leak detection (remediation, service, installation)
  • Breaker failures, emergency power connections
  • Failure analysis coordination


Infrastructure fails, often at the most inopportune, lightly staffed or most critical times. CPG delivers effective and timely emergency services when you need them most to help mitigate outages and downtime. Quick, expert response helps ensure that issues are addressed as effectively and efficiently as possible by a team that understands the urgency associated with 24/7 100% available environments.

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