CPG Battery Asset Management

CPG Insight for Batteries service provides battery asset management capabilities that allow customers to optimize useful life and maximize ROI on critical battery assets.

Leveraging decades of experience and data, CPG Insight for Batteries provides the visibility and detail needed to actively manage battery assets. Our hardware agnostic approach allows data integration and consolidated reporting that is reviewed regularly by our battery monitoring analysts. Weekly reporting provides visibility into asset health, includes critical task lists and communicates any analyst recommendations – including system replacement budgeting insight.

Features & Capabilities

CPG Insight for Batteries ensures proper management of float voltages and temperatures as well as timely replacement of failed batteries to help ensure maximum asset life.

Battery Monitoring:

CPG Insight for Batteries offers advanced battery asset management through our cloud portal, leveraging predictive analytics to mitigate the risk of unexpected downtime, prevent failure and extend the life cycle of connected batteries by up to 35%.

  • Cloud based portal supporting battery history for over 350,000 currently monitored batteries worldwide
  • Hardware agnostic platform integrating data across all major hardware providers into single consistent view
  • Dedicated monitoring analysts reviewing data and alerts/alarms
  • Weekly reporting detailing
    • Age and health of system batteries
    • Critical and trending batteries, as well as replacements to date
    • Critical task lists
    • Site, region or global performance health summaries
  • Automated alerts for critical alarms – (i.e. thermal runaway and high temperatures)
  • Predictive analytics estimating remaining useful life and system replacement timing

Battery Installation and Maintenance:

CPG offers a variety of maintenance and testing services that complement our monitoring services and provide an easy option to address minor maintenance or full system replacement.


CPG Insight for Batteries offers clear visibility into the health of battery assets that can be used across the organization to optimize useful asset life as well as mitigate cost and risk.

Battery Monitoring

CPG’s monitoring service enables real battery management that delivers benefits throughout the life of the asset helping to optimize ROI, minimize downtime risk and provide planning insights necessary to manage your business.

  • Consolidating BMS data allows for integrated view across the asset regardless of hardware being used
  • CPG’s database and history provides deep understanding of battery performance and assessment of action steps
    • Predictive failure identification
    • Thermal Runaway alerts that provide time to remediate before dangerous situations develop
  • Analytics that help prioritize system replacements based on performance data and risk of failure
  • Warranty tracking and replacement support
  • Weekly reporting provides detailed view of battery asset and critical tasks to be addressed
    • Consolidated regional/global summaries for multi-location customers
    • Analyst assessments of critical alarms and action items for on-site team
    • Tracking and trending of battery performance data
  • Critical task resolution time tracking enable customer SLAs for addressing failed batteries or other situations

Battery Installation and Maintenance

Leveraging CPG for battery system repairs or replacements identified by the battery monitoring systems offers a single vendor solution that ensures proper reinstallation of BMS hardware in conjunction with battery related efforts and can help avoid extra service costs.

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