From Hyperscalers and Colocation Providers to Today’s Leading Enterprises

Over the past two decades, the data center industry has evolved to support an explosion of data driven by millions of connected devices everywhere. As a result, data centers have shifted to embrace models that deliver increased capacity closer to the edges of where their data is created. Leading technology companies, collocation providers, enterprises and government agencies are all moving towards more flexible, connected and efficient solutions.

Fast-growing hyperscalers need data center partners that can match their pace and deliver the resources to stand up solutions, fast. CPG prides itself on having delivered multiple modular data center solutions that met accelerated delivery timeframes, cost efficiency objectives and capacity build requirements.

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Businesses today need flexibility when it comes to expanding their data center operations, and colocation providers offer one of the quickest paths to turn-key operations. CPG partners with leading colocation providers to help them meet increasing demands for capacity and technical services.

As every company becomes a technology company, data centers have transformed from centralized facilities into the backbone of the modern information economy. Leading enterprises now require the capacity to store and distribute an unprecedented volume of data and applications to increasingly dispersed end users.

CPG helps some of the world’s largest enterprises rise to modern data challenges by leveraging the latest technologies, our unique modular construction process and our highly-skilled workforce to complete projects on time and budget.

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Unlike our competitors, the majority of CPG technologists, engineers and operators have the diversity of knowledge and on-the-job experiences, to take on any job and work within any environment. CPG employees have the security clearances required to help state and federal agencies maximize data center availability and minimize their operating costs with infrastructure builds, maintenance and service solutions.

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