CPG Facility Staffing

CPG facility staffing provides customers with the flexibility to resource onsite data center support to help ensure reliable operations.

CPG provides facility staffing options for customers looking to outsource all or some of their day-to-day facility operations resource requirements. CPG facility staffing helps mitigate administrative costs for customers and provides expert, credentialed technical resources necessary to ensure reliable operations, manage maintenance needs and facilitate communications and performance measurement.

Features & Capabilities

CPG can provide specialized resources or entire data center operations teams to support your facility operations requirements. Our services help alleviate administrative burden and reduce costs, while ensuring operational requirements that support site availability and reliability continue to be met.

Facility Operations

  • Data Center Staffing
  • Process documentation (MOPS, SOPS, EOPS)
  • Performance tracking and reporting (KPIs and SLAs)
  • Vendor Management
  • Maintenance planning and delivery
  • Site and staff training

Facility Staff

  • On-site dedicated maintenance staffing
  • Documentation review and development
  • Maintenance program development
  • Vendor Management
  • Security and Safety Management
  • Project support


CPG has a broad team of technical experts, as well as the ability to recruit, evaluate and retain data center operational talent. Leveraging our facility staffing services can help make your team more effective, and/or enable you to operate your facility more efficiently – maximizing uptime and minimizing costs.

Facility Operations Outsourcing

Facility operations outsourcing is a growing trend in the market that offers reduced administrative costs and more flexible, responsive operational resourcing for today’s data center operators. CPG helps companies leverage best practices to improve efficiency and reduce operational risks.

Facility Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation provides curated resources or capabilities to augment the ability and capacity of your on-site team. CPG applies our seasoned, expert perspectives to your operations to address short term needs while providing long term benefits – including process improvement, safety policies/practices, documentation, and install/maintenance speed/quality.

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