Solutions for Enterprises

CPG services enterprise data center operators in a variety of industries – financial services, entertainment, education, etc. leveraging our resources and experience to deliver operations support, maintenance, visibility, and project management needed to support their core applications.

Why CPG?

Enterprise data centers offer unique situations and challenges – dedicated facilities, legacy systems, specialized designs, etc. – all being maintained in the face of evolving requirements and increasing need for integration. Not unlike some government applications, some enterprise functions and systems simply require fully dedicated and controlled facilities. In any event, ensuring uptime and controlling cost remain key priorities.

Today’s enterprise data centers likely face two distinct futures: modernize existing facilities or migrate to shared infrastructure (Cloud or Colocation). Both present new risks and challenges to operations. Fortunately, thoughtful planning and increasingly reliable technology alternatives offer solutions that can help mitigate both financial and operations impacts.

CPG’s experience across the industry helps us provide a more complete perspective and bring industry best practices to our enterprise data center service solutions. Whether we are supporting infrastructure changes, performing assessments of existing environments for efficiency and design, improving controls integrations, helping with equipment modernization, or simply supporting operations and maintenance needs, the CPG team can help ensure availability and support on-going operational improvements.

Services for Enterprises

OEM Service Contracts and Preventative Maintenance Services support uptime objectives and efficient/effective facility operations

Owner’s Rep services have helped successfully deliver key infrastructure projects, ensuring equipment and vendors are coordinated according to plan

CPG delivers integrated controls monitoring and management solutions to improve visibility and reduce risk, while increasing operational efficiencies

Data Center staffing that enables outsource operations resources supporting operations personnel and site management

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