CPG Mechanical Services

CPG’s in-house mechanical services team supports installation, maintenance and emergency service needs, ensuring that critical cooling resources are being deployed efficiently and effectively.

CPG mechanical services brings decades of technical expertise and on-site experience to support installation and maintenance of core mechanical infrastructure equipment. Without proper cooling, server infrastructure fails. CPG’s mechanical team works diligently to install, maintain and service the cooling infrastructure necessary to keep the data center operating.

Features & Capabilities

The health and performance of cooling infrastructure is just as critical to data center availability as power. CPG’s mechanical team delivers the expertise and dependability necessary to install, maintain and service cooling equipment, whether our team is performing scheduled installation or maintenance, or responding to emergencies.

Installation and Planned

  • Mechanical QA/QC, startup inspections, installation verification
  • Factory witness / acceptance testing
  • HVAC controls installation, service and repairs
  • HVAC / plumbing / mechanical piping
  • Hot/cold aisle containment

Emergency and
Corrective Maintenance:

  • 24/7 emergency response
  • Troubleshooting and repair services
  • Component change out
  • Leak detection (remediation, service, installation)
  • Failure analysis coordination


CPG’s mechanical services team is 100% focused on allowing customers to keep their cool. Our services, planned or emergency response, are squarely centered on ensuring that critical cooling infrastructure operates efficiently and effectively.

Mechanical Install and
Planned Maintenance

Installation, testing and maintenance services ensure that mechanical infrastructure is delivered and operating according to design specifications and load requirements. Providing chilled air where required, when required, is key to a healthy, efficient data center environment.

Emergency and
Corrective Maintenance

Mechanical infrastructure fails, often at the most inopportune or most critical times. CPG delivers effective and timely emergency and corrective maintenance services when you need them most to help mitigate outages and downtime.

CPG Man repairing electrical equipment

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