The need for powerful, scalable and robust computing has never been more apparent. Read on for the latest on data center design, construction, management and analytics.

Smart Data Center Infrastructure Investments to Reduce Power Consumption

While data centers are the backbone of the modern information economy, managing all of that data requires significant power...

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The Five Benefits of Modular Container Design

In our previous blog, ‘The Changing Shape (and Size) of Data Centers,’ we talked about modular data centers as a natural...
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The Changing Shape (and Size) of Modular Data Centers

While it does not get as much press as hyperscale, edge, and cloud computing, there has been a shift in the design of data...
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An Often-Overlooked Critical Element in "Mission Critical"

Posted by CPG’s Ed Meier – SVP, Operations We hear the phrase “Mission Critical” all the time in our industry...
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What exactly IS a White Space Fit-Out?

By Jim Marsh, Vice President, Business Development, CPG I was recently prepping for a panel discussion for the CAPRE Data...
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