for Colocation Providers

CPG serves a variety of customers in the Colocation market segment, from industry leading global providers to regional providers serving secondary markets.

Why CPG?

CPG, like the rest of the market, recognizes the critical role of colocation providers and the highly competitive portion of the market they represent. Customers leverage colocation solutions to support all varieties of infrastructure requirements – hyperscale deployments, connectivity requirements, big-data and AI solutions, cloud infrastructure, managed services, and a myriad of hybrid solutions in between.

Operational and cost efficiencies are key to success and growth. Improved designs, modernized equipment, more effective capacity expansion processes, and more effective maintenance programs all contribute to overall efficiency and the breadth and quality of service these facilities can provide.

Speed of delivery is critical to meet client requirements. CPG’s improved designs utilizing modular builds enable us to construct new capacity for colocation providers to meet the demands of their clients. CPG’s adaptability, in-house expertise, and ability to run projects in parallel instead of sequentially allow us to meet the evolving needs of our customers in a non-static environment.

CPG brings both direct and indirect experience that can help. Our work with hyperscale companies, government agencies and enterprise data centers all help us bring a customer’s perspective to the colocation providers. Understanding the needs and priorities of their customers, helps us deliver more informed solutions and better support critical efficiency objectives.

for Colocation

Our services can help drive speed to market of capacity, adherence to performance SLAs, improved energy efficiency, and seamless integration of new equipment.

CPG white space fit outs have enabled acres of capacity expansion serving key colocation customer clients

Commissioning and QA/QC work has helped ensure deployed infrastructure matches design specifications and meets operational expectations

Owner’s Rep services have helped ensure success on key infrastructure projects, ensuring equipment and vendors are coordinated according to plan.

Preventative Maintenance Services support uptime objectives and efficient/effective facility operations

Emergency and Corrective Services help address issues before they become service impacting outages

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CPG takes pride in being a trusted advisor to our customers to deliver secure, innovative, and robust data center solutions.