CPG Commissioning
and QA/QC

Reliability is critical in the data center market. Ensuring that new infrastructure and equipment is installed properly and ready to operate as designed is a crucial step in the facility development process. CPG’s expert resources can help inspect, validate, test and commission new hardware and software to ensure your facility operates effectively.

CPG’s growing commissioning and QA/QC teams rely on decades of experience and training to ensure that data center implementations follow a structured and documented process to validate necessary installation, system integration, testing, and operational readiness.

Features & Capabilities

Led by commissioning professionals with decades of market experience, CPG already supports multiple hyperscale, leading colocation and enterprise data center operators in a variety of construction, expansion, upgrade and testing efforts.

Support throughout the data center development process – construction, expansion, replacement, periodic testing

  • Level 1 – Factory witness testing
  • Level  2 – Site acceptance inspection
  • Level 3 — Pre-Functional testing (PFT)
  • Level 4 – Functional performance testing
  • Level 5 – Integrated systems testing (IST)
  • Documentation of necessary processes, operational requirements, maintenance plans, etc.

CPG’s QA/QC team supports your implementations with experienced mechanical/electrical technicians and project management to ensure efficient, effective, and validated delivery.

  • Provide important 3rd party services for project validation and oversight
  • Coordinate mechanical, electrical, and plumbing scopes of work
  • Provide staffing for field inspections and supervision of equipment installation
  • Ensure inspection and testing documentation is complete and per contract

CPG Commissioning services are aimed at ensuring that new or existing mechanical and electrical systems operate at peak performance by confirming the installation, integration and operation of critical equipment and systems. Our experienced professionals support construction and implementation to aid efficiency and ensure effectiveness.

  • Infrastructure implementations – data center builds, suite expansions or refresh, EOL replacements
    • Installation QA/QC
    • Cx Schedule Coordination
    • Start Up Acceptance Testing
    • Functional Performance Testing
    • Integrated Systems Testing
  • BMS upgrades
  • MOP, SOP and EOP Development
  • Factory witness testing
  • Infrared scanning
  • Load bank rentals & testing coordination


Optimal data center performance relies on the infrastructure, equipment and systems designed to deliver capacity. CPG commissioning and QA/QC services help improve system performance throughout the life cycle of a data center by ensuring proper implementation and integration when installed.

  • Confirm and document that infrastructure is deployed as designed
  • Test capacity and functionality to validate operational performance expectations
  • Document process – sequence of operations, MOPs, SOPs, EOPs
  • Deliver independent 3rd party oversight to keep everyone on task

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