CPG Battery Services

CPG battery services help fortify our customers’ last line of protection in the critical power infrastructure backup chain.

CPG Field Services brings decades of technical expertise and on-site experience to support holistic data center solutions and services, including the installation and maintenance of core infrastructure equipment, like batteries. CPG’s battery services and proprietary software solutions help customers reduce risk, as well as increase efficiency and reliability across battery installation, maintenance and monitoring.

Features & Capabilities

Batteries serve as the last line of protection in the critical power infrastructure backup chain. Proper deployment and maintenance of battery assets is an imperative when load needs to be transferred to generators. Ensuring that connections are tight, batteries are in good health, and kept at the right temperature and voltage, will help maximize useful life and readiness in the event of need.

Turnkey Battery Installations
& Replacements:

To ensure maximum battery uptime, reliability and lifecycle, CPG battery services includes battery installations of all types, onsite support and maintenance, as well as recycling and disposal needs that support sustainability initiatives and processes.

  • Battery installations of all types, supporting UPS, switchgear, generator, etc. applications
  • Purchase, delivery and receiving support
  • Battery disposal and recycling through EPA certified recycling partners and OEMs
  • Spill containment
  • Battery Monitoring System installations

Battery Maintenance:

CPG offers a variety of maintenance and testing services to ensure that your DC power infrastructure is kept in optimal condition. Proper maintenance helps ensure readiness of these important backup assets – visual inspections and testing to identify failed batteries or connections that need to be tightened can help avoid costly system failures.

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Spot Replacements and other corrective maintenance
  • Load testing and IR scans
  • Battery monitoring system maintenance

Battery Monitoring

CPG Insight for Batteries offers advanced battery asset management through our cloud portal, leveraging predictive analytics to mitigate the risk of unexpected downtime, prevent failure and extend the life cycle of connected batteries by up to 35%.


Ensuring the health and status of your battery asset is critical to ensuring the full power redundancy and backup capabilities of your core power infrastructure.

Turnkey Battery Installations
& Replacements

CPG helps customers install and replace thousands of batteries every month. Our team of DC power technicians have the experience and knowledge necessary to install new batteries efficiently, effectively and safely for various applications, UPS, switchgear, generator, etc.

Battery Maintenance

Periodic testing of your battery asset is important to ensure performance readiness and to address any premature failures. Ensuring environmental parameters are maintained and performing testing measurements and visual inspections will help avoid unwanted outages.

Battery Monitoring

CPG Insight for Batteries enables integrated and consolidated reporting of battery health, ensuring that key performance metrics are maintained to specification and critical alerts are shared to avoid premature aging as well as potentially damaging thermal runaway situations.

CPG Man installing battery in data server

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