Machine Learning Capabilities to its Data Center Battery Monitoring Service

Traditionally, the rule for data center battery replacement has been better safe than sorry. That approach, however, is outdated and must evolve to meet increased data center demand and growing pressure to maximize cost efficiency. 

That is why we’re excited to unveil the latest upgrades to CPG’s cloud-based Insight for Batteries predictive analytics and monitoring platform.

Designed to help data center operators maintain uptime and better plan for battery replacement efforts, CPG’s battery monitoring service utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to accurately project the number of days until battery replacement is needed.

Why battery monitoring? Why now?

With the most frequent cause of data center outages being power related, data center batteries are a critical component in keeping our world online and connected. Battery monitoring, and more specifically battery asset management services, can help maintain uptime by ensuring visibility into asset health, as well as  insight into remaining useful battery life.

Historically, time based battery replacement strategies have presented two main risk/cost alternatives: (1) rely on an asset that may or may not perform as expected or (2) replace assets before they need to be replaced. While neither optimize uptime and cost efficiency objectives, monitoring fills the gap by providing the data needed to make a more informed decision.

CPG Insight for Batteries

To resolve the replacement timing conundrum, CPG Insight for Batteries offers clear visibility into the health of battery assets through its cloud portal and further automates time to replace (TTR) predictions by leveraging the battery history for over 350,000 CPG-monitored batteries worldwide. 

The CPG Insight Center monitoring portal provides data center operators with a holistic, real-time view of battery performance data, including temperature, bus voltage, past alerts and more. The portal also offers detailed reporting and recommended actions from CPG’s battery experts to help address critical issues and optimize battery asset lifespans.  

By leveraging decades of experience and data, CPG Insight for Batteries provides the visibility and detail needed to actively manage battery assets of all scopes and sizes.  This means operators can prioritize replacement needs across all strings, systems and sites based on performance objectives to proactively budget and plan for future replacements.

This also means that data center operators can utilize CPG’s historical data and predictive models to develop specific battery replacement plans that will maximize battery asset usage, minimize data center downtime risk and further boost operational cost savings.

Battery monitoring in 2021 and beyond

As today’s digital transformation efforts place new demands on data centers, it’s more important than ever that operators consider how transitioning from a reactive battery maintenance strategy to one that is predictive and adaptable supports overall site cost effectiveness and uptime objectives. With 73% of data center managers expecting to increase their use of automation in 2021 and beyond, it seems many should include critical backup battery assets in their automation deployment plans..

To support data center operators along this journey, CPG is making Insight for Batteries available free of charge to new customers with existing battery monitoring hardware, allowing new customers to experience the benefits of machine learning-guided battery monitoring. 

For more information on starting your free trial of CPG’s Insight for Batteries service, click here, and check out the press release for more details.

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