CPG Now the Exclusive DMV Rep for Motivair Chillers and Pump Packages

(Ashburn, VA)

CPG is now the exclusive representative in greater Washington DC, MD and VA for all Motivair water chillers and pumping systems. This is an important addition to CPG’s engineered product solution set, driven by success with Motivair’s ChilledDoor rack mounted rear door heat exchangers and coolant distribution units (CDU), together with outstanding market coverage and relationships.

A significant local ChilledDoor/CDU reference deployment in 2017 was the NIH supercomputer, Biowulf, featured in HPwire.com last November: https://www.hpcwire.com/off-the-wire/nih-supercomputer-ranks-no-66-top500-list/. CDUs are also applied stand-alone on direct-liquid-to-chip HPC cooling technologies.

CPG’s subject matter experts work from system design and specification, to product procurement and testing, installation and maintenance. Leading edge strategies reduce downtime, lower capital and operating costs, ultimately maximizing return on investment. CPG has decades of experience with some of the world’s most sophisticated facilities. Their partnership with Motovair offers data center clients the highest quality cooling solutions, ensuring efficiency and optimal performance.

Motivair pioneered the development of Free Cooling air-cooled chillers, which allows the mechanical refrigeration to be turned down or off when the air outside is cooler than summer design conditions. The potential for applications to the data center market is enormous and is complementary to CPG’s other leading edge waterless data center cooling technologies. Motivair chillers apply to a wide range of commercial and specialty applications where waterless energy efficiency, precision control, and reliability are key.

This newly formed partnership brings together the full family of top-of-the-line Motivair products with CPG’s proven service excellence.

For more information visit www.motivaircorp.com, or http://www.cpgbeyondthecloud.com/what-we-do/mechanical.

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