CPG is the leader in providing and installing the best solutions for your cooling needs to ensure maximum uptime. And, our strategic partnerships with equipment providers ensure the best pricing and delivery.



CPG Mechanical experts bring you decades of experience within some of the world’s most sophisticated facilities. From system design and specification, to product procurement and testing, to installation and maintenance, CPG utilizes the latest and best environmental solutions to reduce downtime, lower operating costs and maximize return on investment.

Cooling accounts for as much as 60% of the operating cost of today’s mission-critical facility. It is also one of the most controllable expenses. Ensuring energy efficiency and optimal performance requires a partner who understands the characteristics that make your facility unique.

From the technology within the data center to the electrical systems that power it, from the facility envelope to the outside environment, cooling efficiency depends on achieving IT/infrastructure synergy. This is precisely what CPG Mechanical solutions are all about.

  • Active (Sensible Heat Rejection Wheel) Indirect Air-Side Economization
  • Perimeter and InRow Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC/H)
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) & Micro Data Center
  • Active (Fan Powered, PLC Control) Rack Mount Chilled Water HX
  • Room or Duct Mounted Ultrasonic Humidification Systems
  • Hot/Cold Aisle Containment and Intelligent Airflow Management
  • Liquid Leak Detection and Airflow, Temp/Humidity Monitoring
  • Waterless and Wet Indirect Air-Side Economization via HX and Thermosiphon
  • Mission Critical Free Cooling and Adiabatic Chillers