Inside data centers, the best laid plans are the most successful.
We are the innovators of today’s White Space. Our experts built the industry from ground up using smart, scalable solutions.

Critical Infrastructure Design

From design and deployment to scalability and optimization, we support the full life-cycle of the production environment and all of the components that comprise this highly critical space.

  • Site Selection & Strategy
  • Computer Room Design and Installation
  • Industrial Control Systems and Security
  • Live Environment Optimization

White Space design services are important in every stage of your data center’s lifecycle. We design all types of data storage solutions:

  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Hyperscale Solutions
  • Modular Solutions
  • SAN Storage
  • Software-Defined Data Centers

Site Selection & Strategy

Location and Scalability are as key to the success of launch as they are to the continued growth of your

business. In our Critical Infrastructures team, we have the country’s top Sales Engineers and Site Selection Managers who will help you locate, develop and manage your data center infrastructure to ensure maximum uptime, capacity, and future scalability with capital and operational cost efficiency. At CPG, your Sales Engineer will manage your data center’s development prospecting through contract negotiations while ensuring the right solutions are in place for your company’s success now and into the future.

Our site selection team will analyze geographic locations with an eye toward energy availability and costs and climate considerations. In addition, specific site information is researched, including regional market data, real estate costs, permits and land use data, and CPGs team will also provide the relevant information regarding federal, state and local tax incentives.

Computer Room Design & Installation

At CPG, our focus is on ensuring that the space meets current requirements AND has the agility built-in to support efficient and scaled growth, while also keeping capital costs at bay. To this end, we optimize the right combination of:

  • Power Distribution (Post UPS to rPDU)
  • Rack Chassis’ and Cabinets
  • Structured Cabling and Cable Management
  • Hot/Cold Aisle Containment

Industrial Controls & Security

Protecting your assets and your customers is a paramount concern for the production environment. Our solutions employ:

  • DCIM
  • Cyber Security
  • Controls and Automation

Live Environment Optimization

Continued care of the production environment to ensure reliability and efficiency, thereby eliminating downtime, is handled through:

  • Operational Sustainability
  • Efficiency Audits
  • Energy and Airflow Management
  • Training

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