White Papers and Line Cards

  • Download the Insight for Batteries Card
  • Download Switchgear Capabilities
  • Download the CPG Government Data Center Solutions
  • White Paper #1 – The Seven Types of Power Problems

    Many of the mysteries of equipment failure, downtime, software and data corruption, are the result of a problematic supply of power. There is also a common failure to use standardization descriptions for power problems. This white paper will describe the most common types of power disturbances, what can cause them, what they can do to your critical equipment, and how to safeguard your equipment, all using the IEEE standards for describing power quality problems.

    Download The 7 Types of Power Problems White Paper
  • Line Card - CPG Electrical Services

    Representing the industry’s leading manufacturers of critical power products and systems, CPG's Electrical team specializes in end-to-end design, procurement, installation and integration of power systems precision engineered for your exact needs.

    Download the CPG Electrical Solutions Line Card
  • Line Card - CPG Mechanical Services

    CPG's Mechanical team provides mission-critical environmental systems that maximize uptime, protect IT equipment, extend product longevity, and increase energy efficiency. CPG provides real world-proven indoor environmental control for data center, telecommunication and other mission-critical applications.

    Download the CPG Mechanical Solutions Line Card
  • Line Card – Critical Infrastructure Design

    Download the Critical Infrastructure Design Line Card
  • Line Card – CPG Maintenance Services

    CPG’s operations and maintenance team provides full lifecycle mission-critical facilities support services. The CPG team provides the comprehensive on-site services that help prevent unnecessary disruption and ensure optimum performance, 24x7x365.

    Download the CPG Maintenance Line Card
  • Secure Blox

    SECURE BLOX, powered by CPG, is a turnkey solution with the security of a SCIF, but the flexibility to be designed in shapes and sizes not previously available in the marketplace.

    Download the Secure Blox Line Card
  • Modular Systems

    From compliments to current data center configurations to complete, stand-alone solutions, we can design and deploy to meet your needs.

    Download the Modular Solutions Line Card
  • Secure Controls

    To put facility data to work for the client by providing Decision Support Systems that allow them to have complete situational awareness.

    Download the CPG Secure Monitoring and Control Systems Line Card
  • Line Card – SmartTec™

    CPG SmartTec™ is designed to provide clients with a complete range of 24x7 certified IT support through the use of a convenient and secure portal.

    Download the CPG SmartTec™ Line Card