Our modular solution: MODBLOX

Modular container designs and implementation up to 70% faster deployment than other room solutions

Modular Solutions

Turnkey Data Center Solutions for Capacity-on-Demand

  • Designed by our innovative team of experts.
  • CPG’s turnkey, scalable, data center solution that can be deployed virtually anywhere in less time and for less cost than traditional builds.

MOD BLOX Configurations

  • Stand-alone white space (parasitic)
  • Critical power infrastructure modules
  • White space with critical power infrastructure
  • Integrated mechanical solutions
  • Full turnkey with integrated IT infrastructure

Perfect For:

  • Stranded Power Capacity - You’ve run out of floor space but still have available power
  • Rapid Deployment - You need more power or cooling– asap – and without hassle.
  • New Region Launch or Throttled Expansion - You need to go beyond your current buildings or markets

Benefits of MODBLOX

  • Agile - Deployable to austere environments with easy connects for external power and cooling sources.
  • Less Risk - Because the Data Center is designed, manufactured and tested before delivery, the complexities and uncertainties typically involved with a construction project are avoided.
  • Cost Effective - MOD BLOX utilizes commoditized technical solutions for high reliability and low cost.
  • Efficient - Architected for high performance and stability for future growth
  • Scalability - Designed to easily scale to meet new demand just-in-time