SmartTec™ Beyond the Cloud
The ultimate in streamlining.


CPG SmartTec™ is designed to provide clients with a complete range of 24x7 certified IT support through the use of a convenient and secure portal. Our easy to use SmartTec™ portal for monitoring and ordering, combined with our certified technicians set us apart. We understand the importance of knowledge and expertise. 75% of all failures in data centers are created by human error, often as a result of ignorance or lack of proper qualifications. Our SmartTec™ service protects our customers by monitoring and addressing your data center IT performance with technicians certified in a full-range of IT specialities, experienced at protecting your system from failures, not creating them.

Executed through our National Operations Center (NOC) we ensure ease of use, 24x7 monitoring, a single point of contact for all situations, and rapid response times.

  • Single pane, client portal system makes it easy for our customers to stay informed and order services/generate tickets at any and all times.
  • Easily import data on your Data Center configuration for a customized experience.
  • Generate reports and customize metrics to show potential areas for improvement or analyze trends.
  • Perfect for use by Colocation Providers, Cloud Providers or End Users.
  • SmartTec™ support available in a variety of service options and tiered response times.

CPG SmartTec™ On-Site Services 

  • Tier 1 Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Visual Verifications to Assist in Remote Troubleshooting
  • Install and De-install of Cabinet Infrastructure, Data Cable
  • Equipment Installation and Configuration
  • Data Center Rack, Power, Space and Capacity Planning
  • Process Documentation, SOP Creation and Run Book Support
  • Data Cable Testing/Troubleshooting
  • Hard Drive Removal and Destruction Services
  • Customer Requested Audit Assistance
  • Vendor Escort
  • Shipping Coordination
  • Onsite Staff Ensuring Site Security