For nearly 20 years, CPG has been a pioneer in the data center industry, providing full lifecycle mission-critical infrastructure solutions to some of the world’s most demanding Fortune 1000 companies.

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Our Mission

To reach beyond what is expected and deliver next-generation solutions and exceptional service across the full lifecycle of critical infrastructure. ]

Our Vision

To be a trusted partner and innovator, providing insight, solutions and service that ensure the growth and success of our partners not just today, but into the future. And to continue to grow our company by recognizing and respecting the importance of relationships.

Our Values

  • Trust – with/between employees, client partners and vendor partners
  • Respect – for our employees, our clients, our vendors
  • Relationships – we care about them and foster them
  • Partnership – bring together respect and relationships to ensure everyone feels like a meaningful partner
  • Experience and Expertise – we hire the best and it is reflected in what we do
  • Safety – for our staff and vendors
  • Integrity – be honest, be real, be accountable
  • Leadership – the desire and ability to shape the direction of the future
  • Intelligence – Both Human and AI, and its ability to provide solutions that not only overcome the challenges in the industry, but also move us into the future.