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CPG, the pioneer in cutting-edge, full-spectrum data center solutions, is excited to announce the acquisition of OME, a professional engineering firm and market leader in strategic services for facility automation and monitoring.

The addition of OME to CPG’s portfolio brings with it an expert team, led by engineering industry veteran Richard Warner. Mr. Warner will lead the Operational Technology Solutions Division at CPG, which will specialize in innovative design, engineering and deployment of enterprise-level systems with progressive solutions that go well beyond standard data integration. In addition, Matt Hartle will join the team in the role of investor and director. Mr. Hartle was previously the Director of Information Technology for DuPont Fabros Technology and held the role of Operations Executive for OME.

 “The exponential growth of CPG had us looking for opportunities to bring more expertise in-house,” said CPG Managing Partner, Anthony Rizzo. “OME’s excellent reputation and focus on forward-thinking, scalable solutions, along with their expert leadership, made them a perfect fit for our team.”

 The new division will operate as a fully-integrated part of CPG. Their strategic services will be designed to enhance client infrastructure and operations by enabling visibility into systems, strategically managing critical data and optimizing performance for effective cost- and energy-saving results. 

“After partnering the past two years on some very innovative, next-generation data center solutions, we’re very excited to be a fully integrated part of the CPG team,” said Richard Warner. “Working as part of a full-spectrum data center solutions provider allows us the opportunity to incorporate more comprehensive solutions into the facilities lifecycle. We are truly poised to change the game for our clients.”

The acquisition increases the depth and breadth of the company’s professional engineering team, as well as enhances CPG’s capabilities and expertise in delivering secure control and monitoring systems to mission-critical facilities including data processing, military operations, critical healthcare, telecommunication switching, financial transactions, manufacturing, utility services and laboratory research.


CPG experts are THE innovators for cutting-edge Data Center and Cloud solutions. For nearly 20 years, CPG has been providing full-lifecycle, mission-critical infrastructure solutions to some of the most demanding Fortune 1000 companies. CPG applies the latest facilities infrastructure power, cooling, security and control at all scales and densities, including modular and hyperscale. Headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia, CPG is at the heart of the data center industry.

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SmartTec Solution/Hub Consulting Partnership

Contact: Jim Marsh

Vice President, Business Development

CPG Chooses Datacloud Europe to Announce SmartTec Solution/

Hub Consulting Partnership

CPG, the pioneer in cutting-edge, full-spectrum data center solutions, chose the Datacloud Europe Congress and Exhibition in Monaco to showcase their new SmartTec solution, which they presented in conjunction with their new European partner, Hub Consulting.

According to Tommy Nalley, Senior Director of Critical Infrastructure Solutions at CPG, SmartTec is designed to provide clients with a complete range of 24x7 certifiedIT support through the use of a convenient and secure portal. Understanding that many of the failures in data centers are the result of human error, SmartTec service protects customers by monitoring and addressing data center IT performance with technicians certified in a full-range of IT specialties, who are experienced at protecting IT systems from failures, not creating them.

“SmartTec is perfect for use by Colocation Providers, Cloud Providers or End Users, so given the high caliber of attendees across these categories at Datcloud Europe, we felt this was the perfect venue to showcase this innovative, high quality solution,” said Mr. Nalley.

John McDermott, Founder of Hub Consulting, added, “The environment at Datacloud Europe fosters a collective ability to explore the next-generation ideas that are needed to support the exponential growth within the cloud industry. With this in mind, Hub Consulting is excited to work with CPG on their expansion into Europe, with a focus on the SmartTec solution.”

The Datacloud Europe Congress and Exhibition is being held at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco and runs through Thursday, June 14.


CPG experts are THE innovators for cutting-edge Data Center and Cloud solutions. For nearly 20 years, CPG has been providing full-lifecycle, mission-critical infrastructure solutions to some of the world’s most demanding companies. Headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia, and with projects across the United States, CPG is expanding its international presence into Europe, adding to its already existing projects in Tokyo, London and Kuwait.


Hub Consulting provides consultancy services to stakeholders involved in the design, procurement, construction, operation, maintenance and upgrade of mission critical data centers and internet infrastructure.

Their experience is the product of many years working on a wide portfolio of projects that have delivered redundant & resilient infrastructure currently powering cloud services in hyperscale data centers around the world.

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CPG Now the Exclusive DMV Rep for Motivair Chillers and Pump Packages

(Ashburn, VA)

CPG is now the exclusive representative in greater Washington DC, MD and VA for all Motivair water chillers and pumping systems. This is an important addition to CPG’s engineered product solution set, driven by success with Motivair’s ChilledDoor rack mounted rear door heat exchangers and coolant distribution units (CDU), together with outstanding market coverage and relationships.

A significant local ChilledDoor/CDU reference deployment in 2017 was the NIH supercomputer, Biowulf, featured in last November: CDUs are also applied stand-alone on direct-liquid-to-chip HPC cooling technologies.

CPG’s subject matter experts work from system design and specification, to product procurement and testing, installation and maintenance. Leading edge strategies reduce downtime, lower capital and operating costs, ultimately maximizing return on investment. CPG has decades of experience with some of the world’s most sophisticated facilities. Their partnership with Motovair offers data center clients the highest quality cooling solutions, ensuring efficiency and optimal performance.

Motivair pioneered the development of Free Cooling air-cooled chillers, which allows the mechanical refrigeration to be turned down or off when the air outside is cooler than summer design conditions. The potential for applications to the data center market is enormous and is complementary to CPG’s other leading edge waterless data center cooling technologies. Motivair chillers apply to a wide range of commercial and specialty applications where waterless energy efficiency, precision control, and reliability are key.

This newly formed partnership brings together the full family of top-of-the-line Motivair products with CPG’s proven service excellence.

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